Semi-Hermetic 2-stage

Bitzer has developed these extremely economical reciprocating compressors which compress the refrigerant in two stages, specifically for the extreme low temperature range. By subcooling the liquid the cooling capacity can be increased considerably – at the same time providing significantly increased efficiency of the system.

Semi-Hermetic 2-stage Reciprocating Compressors Bitzer - Standard Types

Nominal motor power in kW / displacement LP in m³/h at 50 Hz

S4T-5.2 (4.0/19.7)

S4N-8.2 (5.5/28.0)

S4G-12.2 (9.2/42.3)

S6J-16.2 (11.0/63.5)

S6H-20.2 (15.0/73.6)

S6G-25.2 (18.5/84.5)

S6F-30.2 (22.0/101.1)

S66J-32.2 (22.0/127.0)

S66H-40.2 (30.0/147.2)

S66G-50.2 (37.0/169.0)

S66F-60.2 (44.0/202.2)

Semi-Hermetic 2-stage Reciprocating Compressors Bitzer Octagon series with integrated frequency inverter


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