Oil Separators

Oil separators Bitzer standard version OA for HFC-refrigerants and OA….A for ammonia (NH3)

The approved types OA1854(A), OA4088(A), OA9011(A) and OA14011(A) have been replaced by optimized types since 01/2010.

Important features of the new types OA1954(A), OA4188(A), OA9111(A) and OA14111(A) are:

  • Exact oil level monitoring by opto-electronical liquid level monitor OLC-D1;
  • Leakage free Rotalock sightglass;
  • Improved cost-performance ratio;
  • Standardized connection positions OA1954(A) now with refrigerant outlet upwards.

New Ammonia separator with integrated second stage of separation

Newly developed combined oil separators for NH3-system with screw compressors are offered in two sizes since autumn 2009.

The performance of these new types OAC14011A and OAC25112A  is equal  to the standard separators OA14011(A) and OA25012(A).

The newly integrated second stage of separation separates again 90% of the oil content compared to the standard OA. The oil carry over rate is extremely low up to 20 ppm of the mass flow. The approvable compressor volume flow of 2500 m³/h allows a compressor system of e.g. 6 parallel OSNA8571-K or 4 OSNA8591-K.

The new OAC separators have an outstanding cost-performance ratio especially for compound systems with multiple screw compressors.

Further information about design features, technical characteristics and dimensional drawings for all above mentioned oil separators Bitzer is available in brochure DP-500 and DP-502.

Combined Oil Separators Bitzer

Primary Oil Separators Bitzeк for HFC-refrigerants

Primary Oil Separators Bitzer for Ammonia systems

Secondary Oil Separators Bitzer for Ammonia systems

Oil Separators Bitzer for flooded R134a systems

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