Technical proposal. Theory

General provisions

Technical proposal is developed when it is stipulated in technical specifications.

Technical proposal is worked out with the aim of revealing the additional or specified requirements to the product (technical characteristics, quality parameters and others) which could not be given in technical specifications and it is reasonable to give them on the basis of preliminary design study and analysis of product different variants.

List of works to be performed at the technical proposal stage is defined on the basis of the technical specifications and determined by the Designer depending on the product description and intended use.

Technical proposal consists of the design documents stipulated in technical specifications in compliance with GOST 2.102-68 (download pdf or doc), the documents list is given at the end of this article.

Requirements to documents execution

General view drawing, sheet of technical proposal and explanatory note may be accomplished within the framework of technical proposal.

All design documents included in the set of technical proposal documents are recorded into the sheet of technical proposal in accordance with GOST 2.106-96 (download pdf or doc), no matter which variant a document belongs to.

Explanatory note contains the name, the number and the date of technical specifications approval, respective information from the technical specifications and also the data that concretize and complete the technical specifications including:

  • brief characteristic of product application field and conditions;
  • general characteristic of the site where this product is used (if necessary);
  • product main technical characteristics specified in the technical specifications as well as the characteristics additionally defined for the technical specifications;
  • description and justification of product variants considered at this stage and, if necessary, illustrations;
  • rough estimations that prove the product serviceability and reliability (life, maintainability, preservation capacity estimations and others).

List of works to be performed at the technical proposal stage

The following works are generally carried out during the technical proposal development:

а) searching of variants of possible solutions, determination of variants peculiarities and their design study;

b) checking of variants for patent clearance and competitiveness, preparation of applications for invention;

c) checking of variants compliance with safety and industrial sanitation requirements;

d) comparative evaluation of variants under consideration;

e) selection of the product optimal variant (variants), justification of the selection.

Sketch design and technical design are worked out as per the results of technical specifications or protocol of technical proposal review. The list of documents to be developed at these stages is given in the Table below.

Table 1. Types of design documents developed at the sketch and technical design stages

Document type


Part drawing

A document containing a part image and other data required for its manufacture and inspection

Assembly drawing

A document containing an assembly unit image and other data required for its assembling (manufacturing) and inspection. The drawings upon which hydraulic mounting and pneumatic mounting are performed also belong to assembly drawings

General view drawing

A document determining a product construction, interaction of its component parts and explaining the product operation principle

Theoretical drawing

A document determining a geometric form (lines) of the product and coordinates of component parts location

Dimensional drawing

A document containing a contour (simplified) image of the product with overall, mounting and connecting dimensions

Electric wiring drawing

A document containing the data necessary for electric wiring of the product

Mounting drawing

A document containing a contour (simplified) image of the product and also the data necessary for its installation (mounting) at site. Foundation drawings, specially worked out for product installation, also belong to mounting drawings

Package drawing

A document containing the data necessary for product packaging


A document on which the product component parts and links between them are shown as symbolic images and designations


A document determining the configuration of assembly unit, system or set

Specification sheet

A document containing the list of all specifications for product component parts with indication of their quantity and scope of supply

Sheet of reference documents A document containing the list of documents for which there are references in product design documents
Sheet of purchased products A document containing the list of purchased products used for the product under development
Permission sheet for purchased products application A document containing the list of purchased products permitted for application in compliance with GOST 2.124
Sheet of original documents holders A document containing the list of enterprises (organizations) where the original documents, developed and (or) applied for this product, are kept
Sheet of technical proposal A document containing the list of documents referred to the technical proposal
Sheet of sketch design A document containing the list of documents referred to the sketch design
Sheet of technical design A document containing the list of documents referred to the technical design
Explanatory note A document containing the description of arrangement and operating principles of the product under development and also the justification of technical and technical-and-economic solutions accepted during its development
Requirements specification A document containing the requirements (all parameters, norms, rules and regulations) to the product, its manufacture, inspection, acceptance and supply, which are not reasonable to be specified in other design documents
Testing program and procedure A document containing the technical data which are subject to checking during products testing and also the procedure and methods of their inspection
Table A document containing the respective tabulated data depending on its function
Calculation form A document containing the parameters and values calculations, for example, calculation of dimension chains, strength calculation and others
Operating documents The documents intended for application during operation, maintenance and repair of the product in service
Repair documents The documents containing the data for repair works performance at specialized enterprises
Instruction A document containing the directions and rules to be used during the product manufacture (assembly, adjustment, inspection, acceptance, etc.)

To become familiar with all design stages and examples of their performance, proceed to the review of the article “Stages of designing”.

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