Construction and basic dimensions of cooling chambers

Refrigerating units of provision storerooms for storage of sausage, ham products and edible animal fats

Section 3

Cooling chambers. Basic dimensions and construction

Cooling chambers with the same dimensional and heat insulation characteristics (see Table 3.1) were selected in design of refrigerating unit for sausage, ham products and fats storing.

Modular demountable constructions from Polair sandwich panels, intended for maintaining the temperature that refrigerating machines create inside the chambers, were applied as cooling chambers. These cooling chambers consist of sandwich panels (wall, ceiling and floor panels), door block and corner posts.

Wing doors are equipped with a handle with built-in lock which is locked from outside and has a device for emergency opening from inside.

Table 3.1 Design characteristics of cooling chambers

Dimensions of internal space, mm Length






Thickness of wall panels, mm


Volume, m³


Heat-transfer coefficient*, W/m²•К


Doors Type


Doors dimensions, mm Height






Note – * Heat-transfer coefficient of guarding surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, doors

Construction and basic dimensions of cooling chambers

Figure 3.1 – Cooling chambers. Basic dimensions and construction

Note – dimensions of internal space of cooling chambers are indicated in figure 3.1

Designations given in figure 3.1:

1 – Front wall sandwich panels;

2 – Rear wall sandwich panels;

3 – Right wall sandwich panels;

4 – Left wall sandwich panels;

5 – Upper (ceiling) sandwich panels;

6 – Lower sandwich panels (chamber floor);

7 – Guide posts;

8 – Door block and assembled doors.

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