Provision refrigerating storeroom for storage of sausage and ham products

Refrigeration units of provision storerooms for storage of sausage, ham products and edible animal fats

Section 5

Provision refrigerating storeroom for storage of sausage and ham products. Description and technical characteristics

Sausage and ham products, with storage time given in Table 5.1, are stored in the storeroom. The products are stored being hung and packed in boxes.

Table 5.1 – Production name and storage time at a temperature from -2 to -4 °С in the storeroom.

Products name

Storage time
Dry sausages GOST 16131-86

6 months

Cooked and smoked sausages GOST 16290-86

1 month

Semi-smoked sausages GOST 16351-86

1 month

Raw smoked ham products (hocks, breasts, briskets etc.) GOST 16594-85

1 month

Maximum storage time of sausage and ham products is indicated in Table 5.1. The storeroom operating mode is optimized for long-term storage. But under the operation conditions of this facility, sausage and ham products, intended for sale and use in cooking, are stored for short time in the storeroom with following periods, hours – 8, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72.

Storeroom main elements

Cooling chamber, air coolers, frames for production hanging, system of refrigerant pipelines which connect coolers and condensing unit, electrical cables, control block of provision storeroom.

Provision refrigerating storeroom of sausage - General view

Figure 5.1 – Arrangement of provision storeroom for sausage products storing

Notes – Dimensions are given for information only.

Wall and ceiling sandwich panels in some views are not shown for clarity.

Designations given in figures

1 - Cooling chamber

2 – Frames for products hanging

3 – Sausage products

4, 5 – Air coolers ECO MIC 300 ED

6 – Control block of provision storeroom

7 – Lighting lamps

8 – Refrigerant leak detector

For hung sausage products storing it is necessary to provide the high air mobility in order to prevent dead spaces formation in the storeroom. Coolers ECO MIC with two-sided air outlet were applied in the sausage products storeroom to reach this purpose. Visualization of air treatment in the cooler is represented in Figure 5.2 – the warm untreated air enters from one (lower) side into the air duct, the treated cooled air is discharged from two sides of the cooler.

General view of air cooler ECO MIC 300 EDFigure 5.2 – Air cooler ECO MIC 300 ED. General view

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