Provision refrigerating storeroom for storage of edible animal fats

Refrigeration units of provision storerooms for storage of sausage, ham products and edible animal fats

Section 7

Provision refrigerating storeroom for storage of edible animal fats. Description and technical characteristics

The storeroom is intended for fats storage.

Edible fats, produced by food industry in a large variety, can be referred to the following main groups:

- vegetable oils;

- animal fats (diary butter and melted butter, rendered animal fats (GOST 25292-82);

- fats consisting of the mixture of natural and treated vegetable oils and animal fats (margarine, cooking and confectionery fats).

Packed fats are stored in bulk– in wooden barrels with a capacity from 50 to 150 l, made of seasoned wood. The main type of containers for storage – plywood stamped barrels and spirally wound fiber drums with 50 l capacity.

In the storeroom for fats storage, presented in this project, the animal fats are stored in a tare with small capacity with a pack put in it, made of vegetable parchment, and also in glass jars and metal cans.

Table 7.1 – Production name and storage time at a temperature in the storeroom from -5 to -8 °С.

Products name

Storage time, months
Beef, mutton, pork fat in boxes and barrels


Bone, horse fat in boxes and barrels


Combined fat in barrels


Beef, mutton, pork fat in metal cans

in customer-size package



Fats with antioxidants

in boxes and barrels

in customer-size package



Maximum storage time for fats is indicated in Table 7.1. The storeroom operation mode is optimized for long-term storage. But under the operation conditions of this facility, the fats, intended for sale and use in cooking, are stored for short time in the storeroom with following periods, hours – 8, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72.

Storeroom main elements

Cooling chamber, oil coolers, shelves for production storage, system of refrigerant pipelines which connect coolers and condensing unit, electrical cables, control block of provision storeroom.

Provision refrigerating storeroom for storage of edible animal fats - General view

Figure 7.1 – Arrangement of provision storeroom for fats storing

Notes – Dimensions are given for information only.

Wall and ceiling sandwich panels in some views are not shown for clarity.

Designations given in Figure 7.1

1 – Cooling chamber.

2 – Shelves for storage of packed production (fats).

3 – Tare with fats.

4, 5 – Air coolers ECO CTE 58M6 ED.

6 – Control block of provision storeroom.

7 – Lighting lamps.

8 – Refrigerant leak detector.


Figure 7.2 – Air cooler ECO CTE 58M6 ED. General view

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