Bitzer 4NE-20.F4Y-40S Ecoline Varispeed compressor. Application as part of ground-air heat pump

This article presents the technical characteristics and peculiarities description of Bitzer 4NE-20.F4Y-40S compressor being a part of ground-to-air heat pump (operation principle and application features of this type have been described in previous articles of the series about the equipment given).

Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors of ECOLINE series are optimized special for R134a. Refrigerant R134a has very advantageous characteristics, especially for mean temperatures and heat pumps.

Bitzer Ecoline Varispeed compressor is equipped with a built-in frequency converter (inverter), thereby offering a possibility smoothly to adjust the performance.

Owing to the frequency converter use, the compressor cooling capacity can be increased by 70% as compared with a fixed frequency of 50 Hz.

A smooth adjustment of the performance enables to minimize the suction pressure oscillations and also the compressor startup rate, and, consequently, to achieve a saving in electricity costs.

The compressor operating time is optimized due to a change of the shaft speed, as well as smooth starts. It leads to the compressor reliability growth.

The high economic feasibility is reached due to a high-efficient operation of the whole system: reduced suction pressure oscillations and optimized operating time of the compressor.

When starting up, the compressor consumes a low starting current .

By virtue of the inverter use a soft adaptation to the required performance and a high seasonal efficiency are achieved by means of the adjustment following the demands.

The drive and valve plates construction is designed for high speeds (for 4-cylinder compressors: 25-87 Hz, as specified in fig. 4.3).

Диапазон частот компрессоров Ecoline Varispeed

Figure 4.3 – The frequency range of Ecoline Varispeed compressors

The following diagram, as an example, shows a wide application range of Bitzer 4NE-20.F4Y-40S compressor on R134a at t0 = -10°С, comparing with the compressor cooling capacity at 50 Hz.

Диаграмма показывает широкий диапазон применений компрессора 4NE-20.F4Y-40S на R134a при t0 = -10°С

Figure 4.4 – Compressor 4NE-20.F4Y cooling capacity vs. condensing temperature and frequency diagram.

Table 4.2 The compressor technical characteristics

Parameter name Value Measurement units
Compressor technical characteristics in operating mode
Compressor model 4NE-20.F4Y-40S -
Refrigerant R134a -
Evaporating temperature 5.00 °C
Condensing temperature 75.0 °C
Subcooling (after condenser) 0 K
Vapour suction temperature 20.00 °C
Electric power supply 400V-3-50Hz
Effective superheat 100 %
Compressor speed 87 Hz
Cooling capacity 30.6 kW
Consumed power 20.9 kW
Current (400V) 31.5 A
Power supply voltage 380-420 V
Condenser capacity 51.5 kW
СОР/EER 2.46/1.46 -
Mass flow rate 1088 kg/h
Minimum cooling capacity (at 25 Hz) 8.58 kW
Maximum cooling capacity (at 87 Hz) 30.6 kW
Discharge temperature without cooling 113.9 °C
Compressor nominal technical data
Volumetric capacity (1450 rev/min 50Hz) 56.25 m3/h
Volumetric capacity at 87 Hz 99.2 m3/h
Frequency range 25..87 Hz
Number of cylinders х Diameter х Piston stroke 4 х 70 mm x 42 mm -
Weight 174 kg
Maximum excess pressure (LP/HP) 19/32 bar
Suction line connection 42 mm – 1 5/8″ -
Discharge line connection 28 mm – 1 1/8″
Oil type for:

R134a/R404A/R507A/R407A/R407C/R407F R134a at tc>55°C

R22 (R12/R502)

BSE32 (As a default)

BSE55 (Option)

B5.2 (Option)

Motor version 1
Frequency inverter electrical parameters
Voltage 380..480/3/50 or 60 V/phases/Hz
Maximum operating current 55.0 A
Maximum consumed power 36.0 kW
Delivery set
Motor protection device SE-B1
Protection index IP65
Anti-vibration dampers As a default
Oil filling 2.6 dm3
Discharge temperature sensor +
Additional fan Option
Oil service valve +
Oil heater in crankcase 0..140 W PTC +
Oil pressure monitoring
MP54 Option
Delta-PII +

Basic dimensions

Компрессор Bitzer 4NE-20.F4Y. Габаритные и присоединительные размеры.

Figure 4.5 – Bitzer 4NE-20.F4Y compressor. Basic dimensions.

Positions in the figure

1 High pressure connection (HP)

2 Installation point for injected gas temperature sensor (HP)

3 Low pressure connection (LP)

4 CIC system: spray nozzle (LP)

5 Fitting for oil fill

6 Oil drain plug

8 Oil return (oil separator)

10 Crankcase heater connection

16 Connection for oil monitoring (oil pressure sensor or differential oil pressure switch “Delta-P”)

21 Connection for service oil valve

Application limits

Границы применения компрессора 4NE-20.F4Y. Рабочая точка

Figure 4.6 – Application limits

Table 4.3 – Reference designations on the graph

 штрих-designations-application-limits-4NE-20-F4Y Limits of acceptable application of particular compressors depend on consumed power of frequency inverter
_____ M1: Motor 1
- – - - M2: Motor 2
  Operating point
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