Operation features of receivers of ammonia refrigerating machines

1.1.  Linear receivers.

Linear receivers are designed for collecting the liquid refrigerant received in the process of vapour condensation in a condenser, and for providing the required and stable liquid flow supplied to a regulating valve. Linear receivers are high-pressure apparatuses of a horizontal type. Receivers may be placed both in section rooms and off-site. The linear receiver external view is given in fig. 1.1. For medium- and big-size ammonia refrigeration units a model range of vertical-type linear receivers (as per OST 24.203.03-90) with a working volume from 0.4 to 5 m3 has been designed by the home industry. The operational fill-up of linear receiver with the liquid ammonia is 50%.

Ресивер линейный

Fig. 1.1. The linear receiver placed under the ammonia RM condenser.

1.2.  Circulating receivers.

Circulating receivers are used in pump circulating circuits with ammonia direct boiling and belong to low-pressure apparatuses. They are designated to collect a low-pressure liquid refrigerant and to separate a gaseous ammonia flow from fluid particles at the compressor inlet. Thus, circulating receivers combine receiver and liquid separator functions. The circulating receivers are covered with a heat insulation layer and located in a machine compartment so as to provide the fluid gravity-flowing from an evaporative system on one side and the required boosting upstream of the pump on the other. When mounting, all circulating receivers should be equipped with a riser pipe of 250-300 mm in diameter to enlarge the pump suction head. The receivers may be performed as vertical (РДВ / RDV mark) and horizontal (РВЦЗ / RVTSZ, РЦЗ / RTSZ and РД / RD marks) apparatuses. The circulating receiver external view is given in fig. 1.2.

Циркуляционный ресивер

Fig. 1.2. The circulating receiver in a refrigeration unit machinery hall.

The volume of circulating receivers produced by the home industry comprises from 0.75 to 25 m3. The operational fill-up of horizontal and vertical receivers is 30%.

1.3.  Drain receivers.

Drain receivers are intended to receive the liquid refrigerant from an evaporative system during defrosting of space cooling elements (apparatuses for cold application – e.g. air coolers) or during repair works performance. The apparatuses are covered with a heat insulation layer and installed indoors. In terms of design, the drain receivers are made as horizontal (РЦЗ / RTSZ and РД / RD marks) and vertical (РДВ / RDV mark) apparatuses as well. The drain receiver external view is given in fig. 1.3.

Дренажный ресивер

Fig. 1.3. The drain receiver. External view.

The drain receivers are designed by manufacturing industry with the volume from 0.75 to 12 m3. The operational fill-up of drain receiver is 70% of its volume.

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