Water-to-water heat pump. Heat take-off from a pond. Technical characteristics of equipment

This article presents the technical characteristics of main equipment, being a part of heat pump from a previous article of the series. It should be reminded that the unit main elements are Bitzer 6JE-33Y-40P semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor of Ecoline series, Bitzer K1353T shell-and-tube condenser, Danfoss EnFusion™ B3-052-90 plate-type evaporator.


Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors of ECOLINE series are optimized special for R134a. Refrigerant R134a has very advantageous characteristics, especially for mean temperatures and heat pumps.

Габаритные и присоединительные размеры компрессора поршневго полугерметичного Bitzer 6JE-33Y-40P

Figure 5.2.3 – Compressor 6JE-33Y-40P. Basic dimensions.

Reference numbers in the figure

1 High pressure connection (HP)

2 Installation point for injected gas temperature sensor (HP) or sensor of CIC system

3 Low pressure connection (LP)

4 CIC system: spray nozzle (LP)

5 Oil fill plug

6 Oil drain plug

7 Oil filter (magnetic plug)

8 Oil return (oil separator)

9а Gas equalisation (parallel operation)

9b Oil equalisation (parallel operation)

10 Crankcase heater

11 Oil pressure connection +

12 Oil pressure connection –

16 Connection for oil monitoring (oil pressure sensor or differential oil pressure switch “Delta-P”)

Table 5.2. The compressor technical characteristics

Parameter name Value Measurement units
Compressor technical characteristics in operating mode
Compressor model 6JE-33Y-40P -
Refrigerant R134a -
Evaporating temperature 1.00 °C
Evaporating temperature 64.0 °C
Subcooling (after condenser) 0 K
Vapour suction temperature 20.00 °C
Electric power supply 400V-3-50Hz
Effective superheat 100 %
Capacity control steps 100 %
Refrigeration capacity 33.7 kW
Consumed power 16.01 kW
Current (400V) 32.4 A
Power supply voltage 380-420 V
Condenser capacity 49.7 kW
СОР/EER 3.1/2.1 -
Mass flow rate 999 kg/h
Discharge temperature without cooling 99.5 °C
Compressor nominal technical data
Volumetric capacity (1450 rev./min 50Hz) 95.3 m3/h
Number of cylinders х Diameter х Piston stroke 6 х 65 mm x 55 mm -
Weight 231 kg
Maximum excess pressure (LP/HP) 19/32 bar
Suction line connection 54 mm – 2 1/8″ -
Discharge line connection 35 mm -1 3/8″
Oil type for:

R134a/R404A/R507A/R407A/R407C/R407F R134a at tc>70°C

R22 (R12/R502)

BSE32 (As a default)

BSE55 (Option)

B5.2 (Option)

Motor version 1
Maximum operating current 53.2 A
Winding ratio 50/50
Starting current (rotor is blocked) 165.0 AY/275.0 A YY
Maximum consumed power 30.0 kW
Delivery set
Motor protection device SE-B2
Protection index IP54
Anti-vibration dampers As a default
Oil charge 4.75 dm3
Discharge temperature sensor +
Start unloading Option
Capacity control 100-66-33% Option
Stepless capacity control 100-10% +
Additional fan Option
Oil service valve +
Oil heater in crankcase 140 W +
Oil pressure monitoring
MP54 Option
Delta-PII +
Noise parameters
Sound power level (+5°С/50°С) @50Hz R134a 77.9 dB(A) @50Hz
Sound pressure level @1 m (+5°С/50°С) @50Hz R134a 69.9 dB(A) @50Hz


Габаритные и присоединительные размеры конденсатора кожухотрубного Bitzer K1353T

Figure 5.2.4 – Condenser K1353T. Basic dimensions.

Reference numbers in the drawing

1 Refrigerant inlet

2 Refrigerant outlet

2а Refrigerant alternative outlet

3 Coolant inlet

3а: 4 passes

3b: 2 passes

4 Coolant outlet

4а: 4 passes

4b: 2 passes

5 Drain plug

6 Pressure gauge connection

7 Connection of pressure safety valve

Table 5.3. The condenser technical characteristics

Parameter name Value Measurement units
Condenser technical characteristics in operating mode
Condenser type K1353T
Number of passes 4
Series Standard
Refrigerant R134a
Condesation temperature 64.0 °C
Inlet water temperature 59.0
Outlet water temperature 63.7
Subcooling (after condenser) 1.00 K
Fouling factor 0.000040 m²K/W
Condenser capacity 53.2 kW
Operating volume flow rate 10 m³/h
Minimum volume flow rate 2.92
Maximum volume flow rate 14.59
Flow velocity 1.71 m/s
Pressure drop 0.34 bar
Condenser weight and size characteristics
Weight 103 kg
Total width 1634 mm
Total height 381
Housing external diameter 216
Refrigerant inlet 42 mm -1 5/8″ -
Refrigerant outlet 35 mm -1 3/8″ -
Coolant inlet (2 passes) 2″ -
Coolant outlet (2 passes) 2″ -
Coolant inlet (4 passes) 1 1/4″ -
Coolant outlet (4 passes) 1 1/4″ -
Refrigerant effective volume 37.0 dm³
Maximum filling-up with refrigerant is 90% at 20 °С
R22 40.3 kg
R134a 40.8
R407C 38.6
R404A/R507A 35.6


Габаритные и присоединительные размеры испарителя пластинчатого Danfoss B3-052-90

Figure 5.2.5. Evaporator B3-052-90. Basic dimensions.

Table 5.4. The evaporator technical characteristics

Parameter name Value Measurement units
Quantity of plates 90 -
Depth, A 221 mm
Weight 22.5 kg
Circuit capacity
Cooling medium circuit (Q1-Q2) 4.23 l
Refrigerant circuit (Q3-Q4) 4.14
Heat-exchange surface area 1.232
Q1, Q2 G1 1/2 -
Q3 ODF28 mm
Q4 ODF42 mm
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