Main application fields of refrigeration units in oil and gas industry

Gas cooling processes, as well as refrigerating machines and units, which provide these processes, are essential elements of gas industry manufacturing. The specific features of the refrigeration equipment, applied in gas industry, are the following: large unit capacity, a wide application range of compressors (gas-turbine or gas reciprocating ones) gas drives, prior use of air-cooling units in the function of condensers for the refrigerant; an application of cheap refrigerants (basic products and by-products in this industry); a high reliability degree, sufficiently long operational life, and automation maximum level.

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Ground-to-air heat pump

To analyze this type of pump let us consider the example of heat pump with a system of heat take-off from the closed ground (i.e. a cooling medium is circulated in a closed loop, thus taking off the low-grade heat) and with a horizontal ground manifold.

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